The Effect Of Childhood On A Person’s Life In “The Glass Castle” By Jeannette Walls

The childhood of a person can determine their life’s path. Jeannette’s childhood was a major factor in her life. In Jeannette Walls’ memoir Glass Castle, Walls’ children have to endure an unusual childhood. Their bipolar mother Rosemary is also a bipolar parent. Family members move from California, Arizona and West Virginia in the middle night. Children of the Walls decide to leave their parents behind and move to New York. Jeannette benefits from having parents who are like Rex & Rosemary. Rex is known to teach Jeannette swimming by throwing it into the sea until she figures it out.

Jeannette always finds herself in situations that she’s not prepared for. Yet, she manages to survive. Rex’s unique way of teaching his child to swim is: “If don’t you want sink, learn how swim”. Rex may be doing this in order to encourage his children to persevere. Jeannette can sum up her entire childhood when her Dad teaches her how to swim. Rex showed his love and concern for his kids in this moment. Rex will often put his children in difficult situations and expect them to succeed. Jeannette’s perseverance lessons from Rex helped her to overcome many of her challenges.

Jeannette displays creativity and determination in her decision to make her braces.

Jeannette is from a crazy family so her stubbornness will sometimes seem insane. Jeannette demonstrates her creativity and perseverance by making her braces on her own. Jeannette was always taught to take care of herself as a kid. She is now able make her braces by herself. Children’s characteristics are what determines where they end up.

They have all benefited in some way from the Walls’s parenting. The Walls’ children were taught responsibility, independence, and how to protect one another. Rex Rosemary would have made it impossible for the majority of kids to succeed. The hardships of their childhood and the struggles they faced helped them to succeed. Their tough childhood caused them to be more determined and work harder for their goals. Jeannette’s childhood is what made her the woman she became.


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