Maine Sen. Susan Collins Reelected, Bolstering Republican Fight To Retain Senate Control

Maine Sen. Susan Collins Reelected, Bolstering Republican Fight to Retain Senate Control

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Maine Senator Susan Collins, a moderate politician whose position was at risk, emerged as the winner in her bid for a fifth term. This victory holds immense importance for Republicans as they strive to maintain control of the Senate.

Collins secured the win with 51 percent of the votes, while her Democratic opponent, Sara Gideon, lagged far behind with 42.5 percent. The pre-election polls had predicted a much closer race.

Her reelection carries significant implications for federal education policy. Not only does it dash Democratic hopes of obtaining a majority, but Collins is also a member of the Senate education committee. With the current committee chairman, Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, retiring, the position is up for grabs among senior GOP members.

Throughout the campaign, Gideon launched aggressive attacks on Collins for voting in favor of confirming Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who faced allegations of sexual misconduct during his high school years. However, Collins took a different stance by choosing to vote against confirming Justice Amy Coney Barrett, arguing that the timing of the nomination process was too close to the election.

In an article titled "How Susan Collins Survived," The Atlantic highlighted Collins’ campaign strategy. She emphasized her independence and seniority, reminding the people of Maine that she had secured significant funding for their state over the years. By reelecting her, they would enable her to chair the Appropriations Committee and bring in even more substantial funding.

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